Logo design by  Mike Crowley

Logo design by Mike Crowley

The challenge is to imagine and then create a communal structure that works, not in theory, but in practice. We must be ready to learn from whatever historical alternative models already exist: from the noncelibate yogic tradition of the Tibetan Nyingma school to the Japanese system of hereditary priests, and to proceed free from attachment to the outcome. We also need to learn from history’s mistakes and work to create a sang­ha that is no longer ridden with the sectarianism, dogmatism, authoritarianism, and sexism endem­ic to many Asian traditions.

“Creating Sangha” by Stephen Batchelor 

Sangha संघ (saṃgha) is Sanskrit for “spiritual community.” Psychedelic Sangha offers a safe and supportive spiritual community with a commitment to discernment, practice, and play.

We provide refuge to those who value the integration of Indic-based yoga and meditation with psychedelic exploration. 

Our public mission is to organize and host spiritual trips—immersive experiences that facilitate the encounter of psychedelics and meditation in a spirit of critical dialogue, ethics, community-building, and navigational group practice.

We are not allied with any particular teacher, school, or cultural tradition.

We identify and draw inspiration from the spiritual pluralism of the so called heterodox shramana श्रमण or “misfit seeker” countercultural movement that originated in ancient India and includes both Buddhists and non-Buddhists.

Shramanism advances a common value system that rejects religious dogma and instead privileges first-person experience and an individual’s right to experiment with their own consciousness on the path to liberation and enlightenment, what nowadays we refer to as cognitive liberty.

FluxBuddha Happening , The Rubin Museum of Art, 2018. Photo by Ethan Covey.

FluxBuddha Happening, The Rubin Museum of Art, 2018. Photo by Ethan Covey.