HAPPENINGS are immersive interdisciplinary events designed to foster artistic interplay, dissolve barriers, promote consciousness expansion, and provide safe community for individuals interested in ecstatic art and free expression.

Our HAPPENINGS feature: live music, group meditation, sound installations, light art, playful ritual, dance, poetry, spontaneous music improvisation, video art, as well as onsite harm reduction services (AKA “psychedelic bodhisattvas”).

These events are staged to take place on full or new moon evenings in recognition of the Tantric feast गणचक्र gaṇacakra, or ཚོགས་ཀྱི་འཁོར་ལོ tshogs kyi 'khor lo; a night-time sacramental circle that includes spiritually transformative antinomian elements such as ecstatic dance, music, sexuality, and non-ordinary state of consciousness.

We take inspiration and guidance from the lives and works of avant-garde misfit seekers such as: John Cage, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Anne Waldman, Philip Glass, Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, as well as groups like Fluxus, The Merry Pranksters, The Grateful Dead, Rolling Thunder Revue, Wavy Gravy and The Hog Farm.