Zen Of The Dead


Thus, I have heard: the same 1960s scene that birthed the psychedelic movement and the Grateful Dead is also responsible for the flowering of Eastern spirituality in America. Open to new possibilities and weary of war and civic strife, a generation of seekers tuned in, turned on, and dropped out. A similar situation occurred in India some 2500 years ago in the time of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha, where a combination of economic boom and social instability established the conditions for the pursuit of individual and communal transcendence. And, like the hippie scene, some believe psychedelics played a role. This episode looks at these histories while diving deep into dharma—the nature of reality and the practices through which it may be ascertained. Real-world connections to the Dead abound, and there is also a common outlook in terms of interdependence, spontaneous creativity, community, and impermanence. Then there’s the lyrics, which display more than a passing awareness of Buddhist philosophy. Our special guest, Christopher Kelley Ph.D, is the founder and co-facilitator of Psychedelic Sangha—a community of meditators and psychonauts who aim to re-legitimize psychedelic exploration within Buddhist practice traditions. Eduardo and Casey discuss how the Dead relate to spirituality in general, and where it overlaps with Buddhist concepts and practices. And David Gans pops back in to premiere his new song!