Consent is Psychedelic

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Psychedelic Sangha is collaborating with Leia Friedman (The Psychedologist) on an innovative workshop that deals with sexual consent within the psychedelic community.

I asked Leia if she would explain to Dharma Dose-Zine what prompted her to take action? And what challenges she has faced in organizing this groundbreaking event.

I got the idea to create this event after seeing a major lack of understanding and competency with consent in psychedelic communities. Unfortunately, although perhaps not surprisingly, the psychedelic community is not immune to the afflictions of greater society. I'm aware of a number of abuses of power by spiritual leaders, researchers and other prominent figures in psychedelia; I've witnessed the questioning, blaming and shaming of survivors coming forward with their stories; I see psychedelic organizations and festivals continuing to offer a platform to folks who've been accused of abuse, despite the community stating that they do not feel safe around those people.

This does not reflect a risk-reduction perspective in my eyes. Risk reduction or harm reduction takes the stance that education and access to resources will help people to make their choices more safely than other alternatives such as preaching abstinence or promoting prohibition.

Consent is Psychedelic is a community supported educational event in NYC led by women and people beyond the binary. Our intention is to gather in a safer space and engage in training and dialogue about consent, psychedelics, sex, safety, power, violence, and social justice.

In collaboration with Psychedelic Sangha, a spiritual collective of Buddhist psychonauts who share a commitment to the dharma and a belief in the value of psychedelic substances, and the Psychedologist: consciousness positive radio, hosted at the New School:

This April 13th event will include a consent workshop, breakout discussion groups, and final group processing/Q&A. Participants can expect training and engagement on consent, specifically related to psychedelics and altered states; the opportunity to listen and discuss various topics in dedicated breakout groups (topics range from: consent in Buddhism/Hinduism with special attention to psychedelic Buddhism, facilitated by Psychedelic Sangha; queer issues; power, violence, racial and social justice; consent in live music/festival spaces; and more!

Folks interested must complete this form to attend the event:

The reasoning is so that we can find out how to keep the space as safe as possible, especially for survivors of trauma and abuse.

This “Consent is Psychedelic” event on April 13th will also serve as a precursor for a larger summer/fall event with specifically designed trauma sensitive groups and trainings as well as more trainings and discussions for the community at large.

One huge challenge has been organizing this event with the support of community alone and without any budget apart from ticket sales. Because accessibility is very important to us, we've made the cost a sliding scale. Folks are encouraged to offer what they can afford, understanding that their support of the event allows that folks with less financial freedom to also come, and that the funds are going explicitly to supporting our teachers and facilitators for their time.

People can help by coming to the event and inviting friends! Share this out. Let's broaden our understanding and utility of consent, let's make this a norm and a standard of all gatherings, psychedelic or not.

Doc Kelley