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DARSHAN 5: Prospect Park [NYC]


Join Psychedelic Sangha for a guided meditation and walking exploration of Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

About this Event

Darshan (दर्शन) is “beatific vision” in Sanskrit. Derived from the verbal root √dṛś ("to see” or “to view"), it means "numinous experience" that transcends form and touches the sublime. Darshan is traditionally “received” in the company of spiritual friends—a sangha (“spiritual community”).

Come receive DARSHAN with the Psychedelic Sangha in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. 

We'll convene on the steps of the BROOKLYN PUBLIC LIBRARY (10 Grand Army Plaza) before journeying into PROSPECT PARK where we engage in variety of meditation techniques drawn from Buddhism, Hinduism, and Psychedelic science. Along the way we'll talk dharma and drugs and experience the WONDER OF NATURE in the park. We'll retire to a nearby residence after our ramble through the park. 

Should the weather prevent a gathering outside, we will simply move indoors to a nearby Psychedelic Sangha residence.