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Vajrasattva Purification Retreat [NYC]

  • Block Island New Shoreham, Rhode Island (map)

"Those who have completed an extensive retreat of Vajrasattva purification testify from their own experience that their perception of the phenomenal world undergoes a profound change. It is not that the world itself has been transformed but that the meditator’s view of it has been purified. It is as if the doors of perception have been opened wider and subtly obscuring curtains have been drawn back from the windows of the mind. Beings and phenomena take on a pure appearance—a reflection of the practitioner’s own newly revealed purity—and the gravitational field keeping us anchored in ordinary mundane reality is relaxed. Although this exhilarating vision of a world filled with infinite possibilities may fade, it provides a great incentive for pursuing the higher practices and a conviction that full enlightenment, though still a distant goal, is actually attainable."

– Images of Enlightenment: Tibetan Art in Practice

A daily mindfulness practice will yield an awareness of how one’s mind functions and how scattered it actually it is! Recognizing this, a dedicated meditator will naturally yearn to go deeper—to retreat, go inward, and remove the obstacles that block spiritual realization.

Psychedelic Sangha is hosting a 2-day Vajrasattva Purification Retreat on Block Island, Rhode Island.

August 23rd - 26th

Check-in / Friday @ 6pm

Check-out / Monday @ 10am

Application required

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House Package: $350

  • 3 nights private lodging in historic farmhouse

  • 5 Meals

  • Ferry and transportation not included

Camp Package: $250

  • 3 nights on-site tenting outside (bring your own tent)

  • 5 Meals

  • Ferry and transportation not included

Transportation to and on Block Island is NOT included. See travel options here.

Block Island is located off the coast of Rhode Island in between Montauk Point, Long Island and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

The Nature Conservancy added Block Island to its list of "The Last Great Places", which consists of 12 sites in the Western Hemisphere, and about 40-percent of the island is set aside for conservation.

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