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DARSHAN 10: The Haunted House of the Self [Los Angeles]


Tripping means falling down. But we don’t need the acid or the mushrooms to remind us that life itself is in many ways a bad trip. Yogis for millennia, including the Buddha himself, encourage us to stay clearly focused upon the simple truth that we are suffering. The ancestors are hungry, the streets are packed with zombies, and thirsty ghosts tap on our shoulders at the wrong times. Death is the bright future for us all. In every moment we are becoming undone. Even healing is harrowing—sacred plant medicine can be a shit storm, and meditation is sometimes a horror show. What to do? Every plant, mineral, sadhu, yoga teacher or shaman has their own agenda. Join the Psychedelic Sangha for an evening of discussion, trance-work, and guided meditation. Welcome to the haunted house of the self.


With Erica Morton Magill, Erik Davis, and Spiro Antonopoulos


$20 for THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF THE SELF (7:30 - 9 PM) alone, OR

$30 in concert with the prequel psychedelic yoga horror practice, THE LAST SHAVASANA (6:15pm)